The shortest way to yourself leads round the world

Welcome TRAVELITA – I hope you enjoy diving  into my adventures

«TRAVELITA reist um die Welt» was founded and is managed by Anita, a mid-twenty Swiss girl, who is keen to explore new places all around the world. True to the motto: «Let’s explore the world together» – Anita is always looking for new adventures.

Anita loves…

  • to board a long-haul flight
  • to start the day with a yummi brunch
  • to explore big cities
  • to discover intact nature
  • to gaze at historic sites
  • to take pictures of modern architecture
  • to espy wild animals
  • to relax in a Wellness Hotel
  • to drink a Latte Macchiato while enjoying the sun
  • to experience culinary highlights (#foodporn)

… and to share her daily travel adventures with you guys

In between her travels Anita is working as an urban and traffic planner. The interest in the build environment also come along with her while she’s travelling.

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Anita Brechbühl
E-Mail: anita@travelita.ch

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