«TRAVELITA reist um die Welt» is a bilingual (German/English) travel blog that focuses on outdoor adventures (hiking, skiing), city trips and recreative weekend getaways (yes Anita do loves Spas :)). Anita was since ever interested in various topic and you can see that also in her everyday life of travelling – be it for a two-month backpacking trip on chicken buses trough Central America, road tripping in Florida despite her fear of driving a car, to look out for humpback whales on the coast of South Africa, spending her weekends in the culture centres of Europe, relaxing on an alp or travelling all across Switzerland to find the most beautiful place – Anita is in and tries to capture the beauty all around with her camera.

Anita isn’t a solo-traveller. Most of the times she’s accompanied and supported by her blog partner and photographer Nick. He’s challenge is to get the best shots from every place. Well, we love photography and think a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why in our blog posts pictures are as important as the text.

How does a cooperation with TRAVELITA looks like?

Always seeking for new interesting content for their travel blog, Anita and Nick are happy about working together with destinations, hotels or transport companies. Be it for a unique travel report, a hotel review or support for a marketing campaign – Anita is the girl to ask. My travelling interested readers love my individual experience reports with lots of great pictures and my live-updates from on the road via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Do you have other cooperation ideas, do you require more information or do you have any further question? Don’t hesitate and contact me via I’m happy to forward on request my Media-Kit containing all relevant facts and figures about my blog.

Anita is member of the Swiss Travelwriters Club and the Professional Travel Blogger Association. TRAVELITA has already worked with the following partners:



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