Typical, Untypical – 6 sights in Boston

Typical, Untypical – 6 sights in Boston

Boston offers a wide range of different sights and activities – there is for every taste a niche. What I liked most about Boston’s sights was their untypical appearance and therefore I want to share my six favourite sights with you guys.

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball Team and their playground – the Fenway Park – is one of the city’s most important landmark. The Fenway Park has served has home ballpark of the Red Sox baseball team since it opened in 1912 and is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in use. So for Red Sox fans and every other sport fanatic it is simply obligatory to visit this unique stadium.

There are two possibitlies to enter the stadium: Either you participate at one of the official stadium tours or you are lucky and get one of the rare tickets for a game. As we visited Boston just in time for the baseball season opening game there was no change to get a ticket. Therefore, we walked around the stadium and got a glimpse of the inside from the Prudential Center Skywalk.

fennway-park-2 fennway-park



Billboard since 1940

Just across the corner from the Fenway Park is the Kenmore Square which is famous for its large double-faced sign featuring the logo CITGO (actually Citgo is an oil company, I never heard the brand name before). Definitely one of Boston’s most striking sights. The sign is up there since 1940 and got famous due to its appearance in the background of televised Red Sox baseball games. The sign shows in a very impressive way how billboards and advertisement campaigns can become an important part of a neighbourhood or even a city.  Do you know similar exempales in other cities?


Steaming Kettle

This is definitely among Boston’s oddest and funniest sights. At 63-65 Court Street hangs the giant steaming kettle – sign of the old Oriental Tea Company. The old tea pot was manufactured in 1973 and today the kettle is above a Starbucks store entrance – showing that tea culture turned into a coffee culture ;). The tea kettle contains an apparatus within that produces steam.


Huge Milk Bottle

The huge Hood Milk Bottle is almost as bizarre as the steaming kettle. You will find the milk bottle on the “Hood Milk Bottle Plaza” just next to the Children’s Museum (308 Congress Street). The wooden milk bottle was built in 1934 to sell homemade ice cream in it and was in use for almost 30 years. After that the Hood Milk company bought the bottle and shipped it to its current location. The great fact: The milk bottle is nowadays still in use as ice cream stand – I love Boston’s contemporary witnesses.

milk-hood-mirror milk-hood

Hidden Beauty

The Boston Public Library is a huge building next to the Copley Square (700 Boylston Street). The Public Library is today a combination out of two totally different buildings. The old renaissance-style McKim building was built in 1895. Designed by Philip Johnson the Johnson building, a late modernist addition– almost postmodernist architecture was opened in 1972. The second building isn’t really an eye-catcher however, I highly recommend to take an inside look. There is an amazing pretty courtyard to take a break an relax – and you almost feel like spending a day in Italy.

public-library-2 public-library

Street Art

The twins an graffiti artists „Os Gemeos“ designed a huge graffiti next to the „Big Dig” which is the unofficial name for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project – a megaproject in Boston. One part of the project was the construction of a new tunnel under the Charles River. So if you happen to arrive in Boston by plane and take a taxi into the city (which we did) you will pass this huge graffiti.




Anita Brechbühl

Anita Brechbühl

Hallo ich bin Anita, leidenschaftliche Weltenbummlerin und Hobby-Fotografin. Ich liebe es, neue Flecken auf unserer wunderbaren Welt zu entdecken. Dabei gilt, das Abenteuer beginnt direkt vor der Haustür! So bin ich nicht nur in exotischen Ländern sondern auch oft in der Schweiz unterwegs.


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